Getting out of your HEAD and into your BODY!

 Judith Prager, LCMT
Judith Prager, LCMT

Massage Therapy and Body-Mind Exercise

I’ve been a practitioner of Massage Therapy and Body-Mind Exercise in the Boston-Cambridge-Somerville, Massachusetts area for over 30 years. I believe in empowering my clients to be in charge of their own health by giving them tools such as body awareness, stress relieving techniques, and therapeutic exercises.

Massage Therapy Sessions for locksmith puyallup: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Accupressure

A nurturing massage drawn from Western, Eastern, and intuitive techniques. Each massage is a unique session tailored to the individual, and usually includes Swedish, deep tissue, and accupressure styles.

Massage Benefits

• Relief from:
• tension and anxiety
• back, neck, and shoulder pain
• headaches, athletic injuries
• automobile accidents (whiplash)
• and many other aches and pains
• Enhancing energy and general well-being
• Integration of mind and body


Body-Mind Sessions

• Stress relief and relaxation training
• Personalized exercise programs
• Working with your symptoms
• Visualization
• Movement re-education and body awareness
• Expressive exercise